your truck bed

with real rubber!

durable anti-slip coating

BullyLiner™ provides a you with an incredibly durable anti-skid, waterproof surface that's resistant to dents and scratches, providing your truck bed the ultimate protection – for the life of your truck! Because this is made from real rubber your cargo will not slide around like other commercial liners. This product is an excellent coating when applied onto almost any surface, virtually vulcanizing rubber onto that surface, providing it with the same rugged, waterproof protection as your truck bed. The smooth uniformed texture offers many styling and other useful applications for your vehicle.  


BullyLiner™ bonds to just about anything, even existing epoxy liners. Now you can resurface the thousands of old scratched up epoxy lined truckbeds by simply spraying a single coat over it.


Spray a light coat over the existing urathane liner and make it anti-slip!



With BullyLiner™ you can re-surface any surface! Take any surface and make it look like new! As shown to the right, re-surfacing your side view mirrors is a great way to apply our product on your vehicle.