Spray Guns

10L Aluminum Pressure Pot & 2 hoses and Guage HVLP Gun HVLP Gun Wagner Spray Gun

10L Aluminum Pressure Pot

Part#: PCT-SG4

Spray Gun

Part#: PCT-SG3


Part#: PCT-SG2

Wagner Spray Gun

“Wagner Flexio 590 HVLP”

available at Home Depot

and other fine retailers

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bullyliner paint

5gal Pail 5 ltr cube PCT-TSC1

5 Gallon Pail

Part#: PCT-308B-5G

1 Gallon Cube

Part#: PCT-308B-1G

5 Liter Cube

Part#: PCT-308B-5L

BullyLiner Quick Mask

Truck Cover

Part#: PCT-TSC1


Volume Coverage

Bully Rubber covers approximately 160 sq ft per Gallon with a single coat. Two coats are recommended for normal truck bed use, 3 or more for heavy duty use. Additional coats can be applied at (anytime) for desired use.

8ft Long Bed

(Including sides, front and tail gate)

6ft Long Bed

(Including sides, front and tail gate)

8ft Long Bed 6ft Long Bed
1 gal


= Two Coat



= Two Coat

Product Available in:
• 1 gallon Cube
• 5 liter Cube (PCT-308B-5L)
• 5 galllon Pail (PCT-308B-5G)
• 55 gallon Drum