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BullyLiner Installation 1. The truck bed or surface must be clean, dry and free of oil and dirt. Wash with soap and rinse with high pressure nozzle. Let dry, and then scuff the surface down with 3M (green) Scotch Brite pad and Acetone, taking the shine down to a dull mate finish. (There's no need to sand a bed down to bare metal). After scuffing, wipe off excess powdery remains with a clean rag & acetone. Bully Liner will not bond to oil or grease or powder.
BullyLiner Installation 2. Surface must be dry before proceeding. Do not apply if surface or air temperature is below 50° or if rain is expected before dry time. Damp or humid conditions will slow dry time. Using a fan will speed up this drying process. Do Not Apply Heat.

Apply the truck cover over the cab area:

Protect overspray to the cab & body with the traditional masking methods or with the labor & time saving "BullyLiner Truck Spray Cover". This cover is designed to be a universally fit all pickup truck sizes. It quickly covers the entire cab area and the exterior sides of the bed & tailgate, leaving the entire bed opened for coating.
BullyLiner Installation 1. Apply the truck cover over the cab area first then use tape to secure the cover material along the exterior of the bed up to your coating line.
BullyLiner Installation 2. Apply masking tape along the truck bed side rails to mask off the area for your coating line. Apply tape accordingly if you're coating the top of rails.


BullyLiner Installation 1. Allow 15 -20 mins in-between coats at (70° F), or when it's dried to the touch. Recommended 2 coats for normal use and 3-4 coats for heavy duty. Additional coats can be applied … (as many coats as desired) for added protection, at any time even after curing. Cures in 72 hrs. (Exposure to the sun's UV light will aid in faster curing).

Coverage with the Bully HVLP Spray Gun & Pressure Pot Spray System:

BullyLiner Installation
  1. 1 gallon will provide the recommended two coats onto a six foot truck bed, including sides, front, top rails and tailgate.
  2. 5 ltr will provide the recommended two coats onto an eight foot truck bed, including sides, front, top rails and tailgate.

Coverage with ¼” Micro Fiber roller:

 (available at your local home improvement store paint dept)
BullyLiner Installation Rollers and brushes can also be use to apply this material onto surfaces. Rollers deliver less material than using a spray gun, it is recommended to roll two coats to each sprayed on coat recommended above.

Work Time:

BullyLiner Installation The whole process, from prep to finish 2 coats spraying, in 70° F takes one man approximately two hours to accomplish. Time will vary depending on condition of truck bed and temperature. Using Bully "Reusable" Truck Mask Cover will drastically reduce normal prep time. This one size fits all cover leaves the truck bed area exposed for spraying while protecting the rest of the truck.

Rusted metal surface:

BullyLiner Installation Light to moderate rust can be stopped by encapsulating it within this coating and will not reappear. Heavy rust needs to be removed or treated prior application.

KEEP MATERIAL FROM FREEZING. Do not store in places below 32° F.